We are happy to announce that the latest release of AmigaVision/MegaAGS is available!

AmigaVision is the ultimate, open source Amiga setup for MiSTer and Analogue Pocket FPGAs, emulators, and real hardware.

This is a straightforward, simple release to get AmigaVision current with the latest game and demo configurations, and fix some bugs and misconfigurations:

  • WHDLoad configurations are up to date with WHDLoad 2023-12-23.
  • Wings of Death crash on exit fixed.
  • Some 5×PAL offsets/defaults improved: Turrican, Switchblade, Agony.
  • Notable demo added: “The Black Lotus — Eon.” Definitely try it in our 6×PAL scaling in Widescreen 16:9 mode if you have a MiSTer! Just a stunning demo.
  • Disk Magazines added: Stolen Data 9 & 10.
  • Christmas version of Mega-lo-Mania added. Is this the first AI-assisted Amiga game hack?
  • “Lost” Codemasters game added: Stuntman Seymour.
  • Aspect ratio fixes for several games LucasArts and Cinemaware games:
    • Maniac Mansion
    • Zak McKracken
    • Loom
    • Pipe Dream
    • Battlehawks 1942
    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    • Lords of the Rising Sun
    • King of Chicago
    • It Came From the Desert
    • Antheads
    • Sinbad
    • SDI
    • Rocket Ranger
    • Three Stooges
    • TV Sports Baseball
    • TV Sports Football
    • TV Sports Boxing
    • TV Sports Basketball
    • Wings
  • New “Focus” categories: “PD Golden Age” & “PD Silver Age” — the best of Public Domain games on the Amiga.
  • Requests for specific games and demo configurations for the Analogue Pocket setup added.
  • Longer game names are allowed in the launcher, which avoids 99% of truncated names.
  • Topaz Double was added for those of you wanting to run Workbench in a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio setup.
  • Build script is now capable of running without any human interaction.

🛠️ Stay Updated & Help Us Make AmigaVision Even Better

If you find any bugs or settings that need improvements, file a ticket on the AmigaVision web site.

AmigaVision is an open source project, and we welcome contributions from the community. GitHub Pull Requests are very welcome!

You can follow us on Mastodon, Twitter or via RSS, and updates will be posted when new releases happen.

Enjoy the best of what the Amiga platform has to offer!