We are happy to announce that the latest release of AmigaVision/MegaAGS is available!

AmigaVision is the ultimate, open source Amiga setup for MiSTer and Analogue Pocket FPGAs, emulators, and real hardware.

This is a very minor update to the recent major 2023.06.06 release that focuses on improving reliability of loading thumbnail previews in the game/demo launcher, as well as some updates to WHDLoad configurations.

  • More reliable loading of thumbnail previews in the launcher when returning from a previously loaded game or demo. This was especially noticable in the Pocket variant, since that device has slower disk access.
  • Zine 11 disk magazine now works.
  • Disambiguation between multiple versions of the same game (e.g. ECS vs AGA) in titles ended up accidentally listing them with a language code instead. This has been fixed.

🛠️ Help Us Improve AmigaVision

If you find any bugs or settings that need improvements, file a ticket on the AmigaVision web site.

AmigaVision is an open source project, and we welcome contributions from the community. GitHub Pull Requests are very welcome!

You can follow us on Mastodon, Twitter or via RSS, and updates will be posted when new releases happen.

Enjoy the best of what the Amiga platform has to offer!